Disruption is the new age mantra. One needs to think differently to come up with fresh ideas. Taking risk is part of the game. Allowing oneself to fail on small steps but learning from the mistakes gradually is the way forward. Artificial Intelligence is a learning-based method that is being used in all digital marketing platforms. It is not intended to replace human beings or steal jobs. However, the AI revolution will result in emerging opportunities like smart city applications, social media, internet of things, mobile apps, big data. Today’s teens are going to be the next generation who would be driving the digital economy. The digitally literate gadget-friendly folks would certainly demand faster and efficient supply chains and future entrepreneurs need to come up with solutions to meet their expectations. Indian youths have an articulated view of net neutrality. Digital Marketing Software Market is expected to post a CAGR of 14% by 2025 with companies like Oracle, Hubspot, IBM, HP, SAP, SAS, Salesforce, Microsoft and Marketo at the top. A digitally active audience will force marketers to spend big on various digital platforms.
Digital Marketing
Social Media is all about building trust with one’s customers when it comes to brand promotion. Product launches and other interesting pieces of information can be syndicated to the audience. Social media converts you to a friendly brand and could help in driving sales too. Creating facebook groups and regular posting can work wonders. Instant messaging, online polls, contests, chatbots, user-generated content all could help you to get inputs from your customers so that you can improve your product and come up with a better one, the one which the market expects. Online platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter also offer advertisements.

Social Media MarketingB2B Webinars and Email Marketing will be highly converting marketing methods. Small businesses would also employ automation in 2019. Companies will have to change their old habits and give more importance to Customer Service.E-commerce will be using email marketing primarily to convert sales and corporates to get customers served with information and right content.

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