Orangis is a professional web design agency located in India. We offer A to Z solutions for digital marketing. We design websites for your business, manage domain registration, website hosting and maintain your website. We provide Search Engine Optimization including local SEO for your business.

Our Offerings

  • Managed Web Hosting & Domain Registrations
  • Website Maintenance
  • Web Design
  • Promoting your brand through digital marketing strategies
  • Prepare reports for you so that you can make improvements in your business

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How can Orangis help your business perform well online as a digital marketing agency?

If you are a traditional business which has little or no online presence but wants to grow fast with new ideas you would want to test in the digital world, that is where a digital marketing agency like Orangis comes in to play.

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Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a great method to market your local business through the internet.When your prospective local customers are searching for the services you provide, it helps them with information about you as the right candidate to satisfy their requirement.A local search is different from a standard search. Google says 46 percent of the searches are now with local intent only. When you have a problem, you will search google about how to fix it.The solution will be businesses like you providing them.Local SERPs are known as local pack or three pack.The idea of every SEO Service provider is to get the client local small business in the three results displayed in a local search just below the map. You must understand that unlike standard google search results,in google local searches, store opening times, reviews, ratings and even photos are involved.

Local ListingHence Google My Business or GMB is a critical part of Local SEO strategy. Google My Business (GMB) feeds information about a variety of places in top right (top on mobile devices) when your brand is being searched by the user. Orangis is providing a My Business Local SEO package to small businesses since July 2014.We were providing it as an addon package to our web design clients and often unbilled and offered FREE along with the web design projects.After the launching of our division, Design Free Website in April 2016, we have started providing this package along with the free website. My Business package is an essential first step for a local small business.The service helps your business information like name, address, phone number, website url to appear online in online directories, business listings, local searches etc.Our structured citation methods are proven and resulted in unstructured local citations often picked up by local press and mediapersons.We manage reviews and ratings as well as help you get relevant and quality backlinks.

Google My Business

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