domain-transferIndependent Web Designers & Web Design agencies should be ready to work with each regarding smooth transfer of domain of a client from the administration of one firm to another.Client might have many reasons to move out.A web design agency should not punish the client by hoarding the domain and not allowing the transfer of domain ownership.If you are hoarding the domain, you have no business to be in web design business.Your skills are in domain squatting.Clients pay for domain registration and trust the designer or agency to manage the domain on their behalf.When a client want to move out from you for any reason, many designers or agencies do not give back the domain even after getting the bills paid. A few web design agencies are doing this malpractice.They are the same guys who would charge hefty maintenance bills for websites that require minimum maintenance.The absence of a trade union or industry organisation for Web Designers & agencies make things worse.An Organisation could have intervened well in issues of cheating customers as well as rogue agencies.Else web design agencies will be looked upon with suspicion by the general public.A tech savvy client who know to use credit / debit card or internet banking should avoid buying the domain name through a web designer.Your domain name is an asset of your business and a part of your branding.If you value it, don’t let a random stranger control it.Learn internet banking, use the web design consultant’s help to buy the domain, but register it in your name itself.You are just leasing the domain name for a period of time say one year.After one year you are at the mercy of the web designer for renewal.What if the web designer decides to close his office and relocate to a Gulf country?Your website and investment on it is ruined.