[stag_image style=”no-filter” src=”https://www.orangisonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/honesty.jpg” alignment=”left” url=””]We have noticed that many indian website design firms provide corporate websites for as low as Rs 1500 including the domain and hosting charges. They do come up with names like yellow pages. Customers do get attracted due to the unbelievable prices. After one year the company calls you and asks 20000 rs for renewal. If you do not pay, they will make your website offline hurting your business. One week after you are offline, they call you up again and promise to get you back online for Rs 15000.Is that what you signed up for?

At Orangis Online, our business is not that of selling domain names and web hosting. we are a web design agency. Our clients have the complete freedom to buy domain names from whichever vendor of their choice. They have perfect freedom to host their website at their own servers or hosts of their choice. We do all necessary help to get it done.We do not insist they buy from us.There is no hidden charges for your websites maintained by Orangis Online.If some company is charging you, they are misusing the trust you have shown to them. A web design company that bargains over your brand’s www.yourbrand.com is not a web design company but a fraud..