Web Designer Must Not Hoard Client Website Domains


domain-transferIndependent Web Designers & Web Design agencies should be ready to work with each regarding smooth transfer of domain of a client from the administration of one firm to another.Client might have many reasons to move out.A web design agency should not punish the client by hoarding the domain and not allowing the transfer of domain ownership.If you are hoarding the domain, you have no business to be in web design business.Your skills are in domain squatting.Clients pay for domain registration and trust the designer or agency to manage the domain on their behalf.When a client want to move out from you for any reason, many designers or agencies do not give back the domain even after getting the bills paid. A few web design agencies are doing this malpractice.They are the same guys who would charge hefty maintenance bills for websites that require minimum maintenance.The absence of a trade union or industry organisation for Web Designers & agencies make things worse.An Organisation could have intervened well in issues of cheating customers as well as rogue agencies.Else web design agencies will be looked upon with suspicion by the general public.A tech savvy client who know to use credit / debit card or internet banking should avoid buying the domain name through a web designer.Your domain name is an asset of your business and a part of your branding.If you value it, don’t let a random stranger control it.Learn internet banking, use the web design consultant’s help to buy the domain, but register it in your name itself.You are just leasing the domain name for a period of time say one year.After one year you are at the mercy of the web designer for renewal.What if the web designer decides to close his office and relocate to a Gulf country?Your website and investment on it is ruined.

Celebrating 10 Years of Service Building Website

One thing Orangis Online can be proud about is providing trust worthy web design service for the last 10 years. Bridging the digital divide has been our focus. Providing affordable and word class quality web design services to indian and international services was the mission. And it has been carried out with enthusiasm for the last 10 years.And we have never ever, ever, ever, ever compromised honesty and integrity on the decades process of building Orangis Online. We wish to provide the same to the world out there. We will march forward, whatever happens in our journey towards excellence. Our Design Free Website division will provide FREE and basic web design services to all SMEs and small businesses in India and Abroad. Our Premium Web Design Service will work hard to deliver the best quality service to clients who want to build websites.

Starter Website Package Explained

Starter Website Design Package

is called so because the emphasis is on setting up a simple business web page to showcase your product or service to the internet users

Features Explained

Free domain name* (.com,.in,.org etc.)

Domain name with extensions .in , .com or .org is what you can buy from companies like bigrock, godaddy etc.You should choose the best domain name available in the market for your business. Eg: www.mybusiness.com or www.myorganisation.org or www.mybusiness.in. We advice you to buy domain name yourself. We can buy domain names on behalf of you if you insist. And we give that free of cost when you buy starter package with upfront payment as a token of goodwill.After expiry, domain names need to be renewed.Renewal of domain names cost about 600 to 800 rupees and year.

Free 250 MB Website Hosting

Website Hosting Service is provided by companies such as godaddy or bigrock . They maintain their own servers and give clients digital space to host web pages to the public. The 250 MB free web hosting service is provided by Orangis Online to all customers buying our Starter package with upfront payment. Else you will have to spend about Rs 125 a month for the web hosting service provided by Orangis. Customers have an option to say no to our web hosting service and choose any web hosting service of their choice.

 One Page Responsive Website

Pageless designs are the latest trends in the web design industry.A small business with less content should not make ten pages with less content on each page. This would reflect badly on the user. It would send an idea that you are not professional . A one page website with useful content can really shine and bring sales.We can creatively arrange the content one by one to quickly inform your clients with what they want.You can create wow and awesomeness in the minds of your customers with one page parallax websites.

Click here for a demo one page website

 Attractive Photo Gallery (6 images)

Beautiful jquery photogallery to showcase your portfolio or products with different AJAX loading options.

 Attractive Homepage Slider

Premium Revolving jquery slider.

 Contact form to collect website enquiries

 Favicon & Sitemap

 Google Map

 Search Engine Submission – Google & Bing

 One year Comprehensive Support & Website Maintenance

 2 FREE Email accounts*


*Terms & Conditions

  1. Promotional Offer Applicable on Customers availing 100% Upfront payment option.
  2. General Payment Terms is 50% advance on signing us up and 50% after poject delivery.Payment can be done through bank transfer or online payment using instamojo payment gateway.
  3. Free 100MB you@yourdomain.com Email Accounts offer applicable to customers buying Domain from us.Anti-spam and virus protection absolutely FREE.Multiple Email forwards @yourdomain.com that redirect to existing email accounts is also given at no extra charges. Orangis Recommends Google Apps for Work Business Email System.
  4. Listed Price is after discounts.Orangis believes in true pricing.
  5. Client Requirement outside the scope of the above Package description would be billed.
  6. Orangis do not believe in Shady billing like AMC for clients who do not require maintenance. You will be billed only if there is any kind of work after the one year period.
  7. Orangis encourages customers to buy from third party domain & hosting providers and more than ready to provide discount coupon codes for the same. Those who insist on buying domain & hosting from us, we do provide them our hosting & domains
  8. Annual renewal charges of domain + hosting around Rs 2000.